The Problem With Racism In America

I think that people believe that racism will completely go away. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this is possible. Some humans will always be racist for some reason. I don’t understand it personally but it is true.

Also, it is not just whites who are racist against blacks, because it works the other way around as well. There are some blacks who are racist against whites. It is a shame and should never happen but that is reality. Humans are sinners and that is why they Yeshua, Jesus, and the shed blood on the cross.

The secret to success in any endeavor whether you are black, white, or otherwise is your attitude. Racism is simply a small problem like any other problem you will face when trying to succeed. I read this in a magazine article quoted by a black man who is wealthy. He said some people view it as a wall that they can’t climb over or get around. He said I simply view racism just like any other problem that we are faced with and simply conquer it. I thought that was an amazing attitude.

When you start a project, whether you are white, black, or any other color, you will face adversity. That is the nature of this earth. Satan is going to try and trip you up. Things come along in this life because it is imperfect to stop you in your tracks. If it was easy then everyone would be successful. Anyone can be successful but many won’t be and it is because they are not willing to face these problems head-on and defeat them.

Let’s take the rioters for example. Instead of looking for a way to get their voices heard creatively they decide to destroy things and blame others. That is because they are common criminals and nothing more. It is an excuse for them to bully and destroy innocent lives. They are the perpetrators. The proof is in the fact that they destroy other black American’s businesses and property.

They have an attitude that says why doesn’t the government solve my problem instead of looking in the mirror and saying “How can I help solve this problem”? I submit to you that you can go into any city anywhere in the world and find all the crime and hate that you want to. I believe you can also go into that same city and find all the good people and the good things you want to. It depends on your focus and your attitude.

What needs to happen is for most of the government assistance programs to be eliminated and for the government to stay out of private enterprise and people’s lives. People, regardless of color, race, or creed need to held accountable by others and by themselves. Personal accountability goes a long way.

The problem is Democrat liberals want control of others. Socialists are like that. Socialism has failed wherever it has been tried. Capitalism is the greatest system ever devised on planet earth and the facts prove this. Democrat liberals don’t care about facts though and tend to ignore them.

That does not change the fact that there are still enough patriotic Americans alive today that enough is enough. It is time we make America great again. When I was a kid if someone had taken a knee during the National Anthem or burned the flag there would have been a rear-end whipping and they would have been run out of this country.

That is one of the most shameful things in this world to have that kind of disrespect for our great country. A lot of men and women have died so you could have the freedom you take so for granted. It is time we brought pride back to America and stop letting people crap on our country. No, it isn’t perfect however, you can do something constructive to help make and keep America great. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem like the Democrat liberals and protestors are.

Protesting against police brutality is fine because yes, that does happen. However, not all police officers are like that. The few make the ones doing a good job look bad. I know when you need them you expect them to respond. Yeah I know, You will say “I don’t need them”. You might say that now but like most people when you get into trouble you will want them to show up. Now if you are a criminal, of course, you won’t. That is the point that I am making is that all of these rioters are criminals and that is simple.

They are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. When you bring racism up constantly then you are racist and part of the problem. Organizations like Black Lives Matter are racist themselves and part of the problem. Like Morgan Freeman said in an interview When asked if he has ever been judged based on his color, he looked at the interviewer and said “I just was.” Democrat liberals are always bringing up racism and by doing so keep it to the forefront. That is their goal by the way. It is wrong.

Treat people like people regardless of color and the problems will go away. Again racism will never totally be eradicated because you will always have some evil people in this world however it will not be the big issue it is if you don’t have Democrat liberals politicizing it always bringing it up when it is not an issue.

Everyone with any morals what so ever agreed that George Floyd should not have been murdered that way. The officers were charged with murder and yet in spite of that some people still chose to riot and loot because they are criminals. That brought racism to the forefront when it should have been a non-issue. There have been many whites abused by police officers as well. There is a video that the Hodge Twins put together showing both blacks and whites that have been unjustly treated. Again, that is no reason to hold all officers accountable when there are many more good officers than bad. America needs an attitude adjustment.

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